Made In The USA

Our stamps are proudly made here in the USA.

Map To Store
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at 1008 East Sahara Avenue
(just two minutes east of the Strip before Maryland Parkway.)
Retail Store open
Monday through Saturday
Closed  Sunday.

Open other hours by advance e-mail appointment.

You're always a winner at Viva Las Vegastamps!
Pig out at our Rubber Buffets --
Dollar Dies and Used Mounted Stamps...
your choice of any unmounted rubber die
in the pile just $1; $10 a dozen!
and lovingly used or Overstock
Mounted Stamps for just $2!

If you visit us by Taxi, we'll be pleased to call one to pick you up at our store when you're finished shopping.


From I-15, exit at Sahara Avenue East.

Driving Instructions from the Strip:

1. From the SLS Hotel on Las Vegas Boulevard, go east on Sahara Avenue about one mile... you'll see Commercial Center (a large shopping center) on your right and the stop lights there are named "Commercial Center".

2. Right after the Commercial Center Stop Lights, you'll see a place in the street to make a U Turn (at Market Street by the Bank of America). Make that U Turn so that you're now heading west towards the Strip.

3. As soon as you make the U Turn, you'll turn right (north) on a little street called 1004-1044 East Sahara Avenue and as soon as you turn up this street, the World Headquarters of Fabulous Viva Las Vegastamps! will be the second building on your left. We're actually BEHIND "The Black Room"... at the north end of The Black Room parking lot and just east of City Impact/Trinity Christian Center... you can go down the street beside the Christian Center if you miss the street our front door is on as our complex runs between the two streets.

Driving instructions from Maryland Parkway:
1. On Sahara Avenue heading west towards the strip, you'll turn right (north) on the THIRD little street west of Maryland Parkway... turn right on the little street called 1004-1044 East Sahara Avenue... you'll be able to see The Black Room. As soon as you turn on this street, the World Headquarters of Fabulous Viva Las Vegastamps! will be right in front of you on your left... if you pass The Black Room, then turn right on the next street by City Impact/Trinity Christian Center and you'll see our sign to your right. Just drive through the parking lot to the front of our store.

Visiting us by bus:
1. Take the Strip bus to Sahara Avenue.  You can also take ther Monorail.

2. Take the Sahara bus EAST and get off at Commercial Center... cross the street to the north side.

3. You'll see City Impact/Trinity Christian Center and past that,The Black Room... walk east past the City Impact/Trinity Christian Center and then turn left down the street on the east side of City Impact/Trinity Christian Center and look to your right across the parking lot behind The Black Room... you'll see the sign for the World Headquarters of Fabulous Viva Las Vegastamps!

Tip: Last time we checked, bus fare was $6.00 for a two-hour pass Downtown/Business BUT you can get a 24-hour pass for anywhere you want to go on the Las Vegas Bus System for $8 or $20 for three days so that might be your best bet if you plan to visit a lot of places...the buses are rumored to run every 20 minutes...The RTC does not use transfers like other systems. you can also take the Monorail to the SLS Hotel and then go east on the bus or walk to us. The Monorail is $6 for a single fare, or $15.00 for a day pass.