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Miracle Tape
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Our fantastic Miracle Tape is acid free, transparent and extremely thin so that it becomes an integral part of your soon as you use it, it will become an indispensable part of your stamping, scrapping and Paper Arts accoutrements... you'll wonder how you ever lived without it and you'll find more and more uses for it... (one stamper even reports using it to hold her dress up so too much cleavage doesn't show!) Miracle Tape os highly heat resistent for embossing with a heat gun and comes in seven widths from 1/8" to 2" in a very generous 55-yard roll as well as a three-pack of 8 1/2" x 11" Miracle Sheets for making yourown shapes.

  I do want to respond to tell you of my satisfaction on something I ordered previously. I had ordered a large quantity of the Miracle tape. I have been using it for some years and have been fairly pleased with it. The new larger rolls arrived and I felt sure I could expect the same results. But what did surprise me is how much easier it is to separate the tape from the paper backing Wonderful!!1 Thanks so much for this product. A satisfied customer, Sally.

and another...
Just a note to let you know how much I LOVE Miracle Tape! It will be my tape of choice for a lifetime!

 It's transparent with Vellum and 3-D Illusion Sheets if you lay down the tape on the other paper first, peel off the backing and then apply the vellum or 3-D Illusion Sheet.

Lay down a half or three-quarter inch strip of Miracle Tape. Press down on the tape with the back of your fingernail or a pen to get a good bond. Peel off the paper backing. Now, lay down a narrower strip of Miracle Tape over the wider strip and don't peel off the backing. Sprinkle embossing powder on tape, shake off excess and heat. Then, peel off the backing of the thinner strip and foil or emboss this strip in a different color for a spectacular effect.

 Lay down a strip of Miracle Tape on the front edge of a folding card. Cut the tape and card in a fancy edge with our decorative scissors before peeling off the paper backing and then emboss, flock, glitter or add mylar confetti.

 Lay down a wide strip of Miracle Tape (or even two strips side by side), peel off the paper backing and stick shaped confetti on it. Sprinkle embossing powder over the tape and shake off the excess and heat. Then remove the confetti and emboss in a different color or foil it for a great look. You can put strips of tape at an angle on your card or in various widths side by side with a separation between them... the possibilities are endless.

Use Miracle Tape to do an edging on your cards for a real finished look. Overlap the tape on the corners of your card and then cut at a 45-degree angle with an x-acto knife to create an even border before you emboss or foil or flock or glitter or whatever strikes your fancy!

Stamp an image on paper and then cover the paper with a piece of Miracle Sheet. Peel off the backing so you can see the image and cut out the image. You now have a shape that can be flocked or foiled or embossed or...

Here's a fun technique from Linda Elliott:
Cut to size and apply Miracle Sheet to card. Remove top liner of Miracle Sheet and place lace on top. Rub lace to make sure it is securely in place. Sprinkle glitter over the whole card. The glitter will go into all the tiny holes in the lace and cover the entire background. Dump off the excess glitter. Remove the lace. Apply the beads... the tiny glass beads will stick where the lace marked off the Miracle Sheet. The lace can be used over and over again. As this is similar to the confetti technique, you could use a contrasting glitter instead of tiny glass beads as well. Or embossing powder or foil or...)

Here's a great tip for using our Miracle Sheets to make a fantastic pen out of an el cheapo Bic round pen! Take the cap off and throw it away... you can't use it after you decorate the pen. Make a template from paper that goes completely around the pen but doesn't overlap and goes from end to end of the pen (excluding the tip and top). Using your template, cut pieces of Miracle Sheet to this size. Then, peel off the backing on one side of the sheet, position and roll your pen over the sheet and the sticky part will come right off the paper... now just roll in pieces of magic foil or flocking or sprinkle glitter or tiny beads on the Miracle Sheeting and you'll have a fantastic pen for pennies! Another technique is to put a piece of pretty tissue paper (precut to the template size) over the Miracle Sheeted pen and cover in another piece of pre-cut Miracle Sheeting... then roll your pen in tiny beads for a very pretty pen that makes a great gift. If you want to cover the "top" of the pen as well, just dip it in craft glue and then cover with beads or whatever (Diane Beckwith)

Using Jumbo Decorative Punches, punch out shapes (carefully, so you don't get the sheet cut in the punch or gum it up) and stick the shapes on your paper or Scrapbook Page. You can then glitter or emboss them, foil them or add tiny beads for a really cool look... other suggestions would be to flock them, add gold leaf, magic flakes or glitter... for added strength, stick the sheet to card stock before cutting (using Miracle Tape or Sheets of course). (Carlotta Pengelley)

Stained Glass Look - stamp on the cover paper of the Miracle Sheet. Carefully cut the lines with a very sharp x-acto knife. Remove paper backing from sections and glitter them section by section... this makes the color glitter you want go just in that area. After you have glittered it all, you can use a stamp positioner (available from Viva Las Vegastamps!) and re-stamp in black over the finished glittered pieces for a beautifully individual stained glass look. (Carlotta Pengelley)

To make beads for jewelry, wrap a piece of Miracle Sheet around a straw or coffee stirrer and dip in tiny beads, glitter, mica flakes or whatever you prefer... then cut the straw into small cylinders. (Carlotta Pengelley)

Stamp one of the Viva Las Vegastamps! large butterfly stamps and color it so nicely that it flies away... no wait, that's not right. LOL Actually, after coloring the butterfuly, I put a Miracle Sheet on top, trim around the image and then pull the paper backing off the body and antenna which I glitter. I then pull the backing off the wings and cover them with clear beads... if there are little gaps, I then sprinkle glitter over the whole butterfly to fill them in. Even if I do say somyself, they look neat as refrigerator magnets or attached to cards with popup dots! (Mary Ann Gindlesperger)

Stick a Miracle Sheet to cardstock, then peel off backing and cover the entire sheet with flocking... smush in the flocking to ensure full coverage... then roll over the sheet with a brayer... the result -- homemade velvet/suede paper. Really neat and cheap! Since the flocking remains somewhat see through, you can use an identical colored cardstock for a more opaque appearance or a different color for a neat effect... you can even emboss on it! (Maureen Miyakawa)

Stick Miracle Sheet to cardstock (color is totally irrelevant). Crumple up sheet of colored foil, then uncrumple and stick to sheet, smoothing slightly but not completely. Foil will stick to sheet in patches. If you want, press extra foil into large blank areas... careful not to touch exposed plastic backing of the foil to the Miracle Sheet as it will stick. Then pour Embossing Powder in color complementary to the foil over the remaining exposed sheet. Heat Embossing Powder until melted... this makes a very striking and unique background for cards or a Scrapbook Page.(Maureen Miyakawa)

Stamp your image on the Miracle Tape cover sheet, cut out, apply to your card, foil, then use a stamp positioner to overstamp the original image. Voila! Now you have a large, foiled, stamped image! (Dani L Moore)

Stamp an image on cardstock, color it in with markers, then cover with Miracle Sheet and trim the Miracle Sheet covered image. Peel off the backing of the Miracle Sheet and put clear beads or flocking over the image. Then apply the image to the card with Miracle Tape or Pop Up Dots... or put a pin on the back to create a great pin to wear. (Diane Beckwith)

Cut a background sized piece of Miracle Sheet and peel off one side of the protective covering. Apply Pearl Ex, powdered pearls or any other Powdered pigment to the sticky surface. Sometimes I sprinkle various colors in different areas of the sheet and then blend it all with a finger, sometimes I paint them on with a brush. I usually begin with the darker colors and then finish by blending Sparkling Gold or some other light color over all of it to make sure all the sticky is covered and give a nice effect. I then lightly spray this with a matte fixative. Now you can stamp on the background or stamp and emboss for a bolder look. Then peel the other protective liner off and apply the Miracle Sheet to your card! If you want you may even stamp the card before applying the Miracle Tape background over it for another layer of design as the Pearl Ex Miracle sheet will be kind of Translucent. It's a very pretty, rich look. (Pamela Palm)


Easy Embossed Metal Background
1)  Adhere a sheet of Miracle Tape to a sheet of cardstock.
2)  Remove paper liner and apply a sheet of Aluminum Foil.
3)  Cut size to fit into a Cuttlebug Embossing Folder.
4)  Run through embossing machine.
5)  Apply to card as a background.
-Linda Elliott

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